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M©NY∆Kº † M©NY∆Kº

image                                                       Monyak Money Movers© , 2013

Pavel Ioudine, Some of the most popular design symbols of last year, vector, 5”x 5” , 2013
Joseph Devitt Tremblay, A Rose painting, photography film stock, 20”x20”, 2013
Pavel Ioudine, Amy as Frieda()FREE, ink on paper, 8”x8.75” , 2013
Pavel Ioudine, end of high season, ink on paper, 7.2”x8.5” , 2012
Pavel Ioudine, Foreigners, ink on paper, 4”x1.6” , 2011
Pavel Ioudine, intro($crape), xeroxed paper, 8.5”x11” , 2011
Scene from $crape, digital video , 2011
Pavel Ioudine, Disclosure(found footage2), found paper, 4.25”x5.5”,4.25”x5.3” , 2011